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How to Use BVH Premium Dog Shampoo & Conditioner


Grooming Your Dog with BVH Pet Care Products

The process takes about 30 minutes from gathering your supplies to drying your dog. The longest part is entertaining your dog for about ten minutes, allowing the shampoo to work its way to the skin. This is a tip we picked-up from our vet. He said the shampoo has to be on the coat for 10 minutes in order to work its way down to clean the skin. The video is about 7 minutes, so we obviously put nearly 23 minutes of the process on the editing floor!

Key Take-A-Ways

  • Use BVH Premium Dog Shampoo & Conditioner and BVH Premium Dog Ear Cleaner.
  • Use cotton balls to clean the ears, never Q-Tip type swabs in the ears. Not in your ears and certainly not in your dog's ears.
  • Have a few wet terry cloth towels at the ready for the unexpected.
  • If you determine that you want to dilute the shampoo, never do it in the container. Over time that can breed bacteria which will harm your pet. To be safe, mix water and shampoo in a plastic cup and dispose of the remainder in a responsible manner. These products are bio-degradable so they can be disposed of in the sink.
  • The amount of shampoo you use will depend on your dog's coat. It will take a little experimentation. For instance: too much shampoo makes it hard to rinse. Too little shampoo may result in the conditioner and detangler not working as expected.
  • If you aren't getting the lather expected, try additional water first. If that doesn't work apply a little more shampoo.
  • Let the lather sit on the dog for 10-15 minutes for best results.
  • Dry your dog with terry cloth towels that were washed and dried without fabric softener.
  • Brush your dog at the appropriate time. The Mastiff in the movie would be brushed after his coat dried.

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