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Danger Lurks in Thanksgiving Kitchen

Tank The Biscuit EaterLast year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my son’s house. Not wanting to miss out on the left-overs, we prepared a small turkey and all the trimmings at home on Friday. Our favorite part of dinner is the “special” butter rolls. A recipe handed down for generations.

My son’s English Mastiff, Tank and his mother-in-law are not, let’s say, particularly fond of each other. Therefore, Tank was spending the remainder of the holiday weekend at our house. Yippy ki-yay! He's a great dog. Keeps my dog Maggie occupied. We needed the break.

Tank has had more than one “Marmaduke” moment in his two plus years. However, he is generally well behaved at our house. Which is good. On his hind legs, Tank can stand face to face with a six-foot five human. He’s a big boy!

Two annoying behaviors he has is rummaging through the kitchen trash and taking food off the kitchen counters. We worked on that. Easily a hundred repetitions and corrections over a few months’ time. During the prior six months, he didn’t display that behavior at our house. Behavior resolved, right? Hum, not so much.

Vicki made three dozen rolls. She placed them on the back of a remote counter. They were covered with towels. The yeast was just getting cranked up. The rolls were starting to rise. Oh, the anticipation! The delightful smell.

So, we stepped outside with Maggie and Tank to bask in the sunshine for a little bit. We live in Arizona. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny November day. No need for a sweater or jacket. Mother Nature’s gift to Arizonans for living through the summer. That’s when it happened.

In the blink of an eye, Tank slipped past us and through the doggie door. He was using all his stealth. Normally, he hits the doggie door like, well, a tank! Apparently, not this time. Then we heard a crash inside the house. A quick survey of the backyard revealed that Tank was AWOL. Not good!

Bottom line, Tank helped himself to three dozen, raw and still rising, dinner rolls! Dang it!

We did a quick search on the Internet to determine the seriousness of the situation. It turns out that a dog’s gut is an excellent place for dough to rise. It is imperative that you get it out of his stomach before much of it gets to his intestines. The result could be a major surgery or even the death of the dog.

So, off to the veterinary ER. On a holiday weekend. Tank belching and passing gas. Have to get there fast.

Ninety minutes later, we are headed back home. I’m leaving out the details of his treatment. Tank seems unaffected from his big adventure. Our wallet is $142.00 dollars lighter. And the Suburban? Let’s just say it reeks of the dinner rolls we will never eat.

This was a teachable moment. I could go on about reinforcing training lessons. Keeping an eye on your pets. Putting food and sharp tools out of your pet’s reach. However, anybody reading this article knows all those things. It still happens to the most conscientious pet owners.

May you and your pets stay safe this holiday season.

Tank has his quirks. What he doesn't have is itchy, yucky, dirty, stinky ears! Thanks to BVH Pet Care Premium Dog Ear Cleaner.

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