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Review - Sooty Paw Paw Pet Products Leak Proof Waste Bag

Is the Search for Waste Bags Finally Over?

One of the problems I have with training my dog outside of the back yard is what to do about the occasional waste. My homeowner’s association provides bag dispensers and trash cans in each of the common areas. I’m fairly certain that they bought the bags from the lowest bidder. They are very thick, small and difficult to use, particularly in cold weather. They are not well constructed so they break once in a while.

Between the distance to the relief stations, and the difficulty using the bags, I decided I needed to get something on my own.

What I found is that most of the bags are “adequate”. Some were too thick and required a bit of manhandling at an inappropriate time. Some were too thin to contain the volume of a large breed dog. What they all had in common was the crappy (pun intended) dispenser! They all required two handed operation which isn’t always optimal in a public setting.

I did find a canvas holder that I liked, but the only choice for attaching it to something was a metal loop. It had a belt loop attachment that seemed like an afterthought and was useless. In that case, the bags were too small and weak for a larger dog. You can put another brand of bags in the dispenser, but it still requires both hands to get a bag because there was no mechanism to tear the bag at the perforation.

Then I found a fairly new product from Sooty Paw Paw Pet Products on Amazon. The product description really built-up the dispenser so I bought products. The 1000 pack for refills and the 20 pack for my car. The “100 % satisfaction guarantee” removed any anxiety from making the purchase.

The packaging opened easily and the bags loaded quickly. I couldn’t wait to try the one-handed operation. It worked like a champ!

I affixed the dispenser to a leash, to a belt, to the dog’s collar (that sorta worked), and to a treat bag. In every case, I was able to remove a bag with my left hand. Obviously, with the leach in one hand there was the appearance of using two hands, but you have to keep the dog under control, right?

I liked it on the belt the best. The bags came out of the dispenser smoothly and separated at the perforation. That prevents snagging 2 to 4 bags with a tug. They unfolded easily.

Now, the tricky part is opening the top of the bag to get your hand inside. No problem with these bags. I didn’t have to “moisten” my fingers to get this done like I have had to do with ALL the others. Just pinch the top and press forward with your thumb. Yahoo! It works like you would expect.

Now it becomes a two hand operation. Insert your had into the open bag and grasp the waste. With your other hand, pull the edge of the bag down over the waste. Tie the bag with two hands and throw it away.

The bag is 9”X12” so it has plenty of room for your large dog waste. Many of the bags I have bought are tapered at the bottom and don’t hold much. Their design is probably a result of the method of folding the bags on their role. I’m not saying it is right or wrong. Just that tapering the bag makes it hold less.

The 20 pack makes an excellent gift for your friends and relatives. It is also convenient to carry in your car and with other supplies on an outing.

You might want to gift one to guy up the street who lets his dog use your front lawn for a waste stop. You never know, he just might get the idea!

The seller has a “how-to” video on YouTube at http://youtu.be/0XbfIQKlehc

I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it to my readers.


  • I bought this product at full price on Amazon.com. I am in no way compensated for this review.
  • In spite of the large bag size, I sometimes have to use two bags to pick-up after my Mastiffs. (Go figure!)
  • I created a video review and my partner posted it on Amazon. This is the first time we’ve done that. I like this product THAT much.
Buy the 1000 pack at Amazon.com. Be sure to see the video review. Buy the 20 pack at Amazon.com. Both packages come with a dispenser. Did I say we LOVE the dispenser?Sooty Paw Paw Dog Poop Bags infographic   _

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